• Accessing 'Content Types'

    1. Login to ADMIN FastGem. 
    2. Click on the FastGem diamond in the top left hand corner of the home screen. 
    3. Click on the 'CONFIG' option at the bottom of the following list. 
    4. Choose the 'Content Types' tab option on the horizontal menu. 
    5. Here, you can edit submission content, workflow statuses, automated texts, etc. Please contact FastGem Support if you are confused by any of the options on the Content Types page. 
  • Adding & Assigning User Groups

    When adding new users from FastGem's main site, you can now assign pre-set user permissions to your new users/reps when you onboard them, using our 'User Groups' feature. This article will explain the process of creating/customizing these user groups, and assigning them to newly on boarded reps/users. 

    User Groups are pre-configured sets of permissions, to allow for easy permission assignment when onboarding users in front-end FastGem. It also allows you to assign your employees out-of-the-ordinary permissions (for example, you can assign simple reps certain permissions that would normally be reserved for Internal users, without assigning them the broad Internal User permission itself).


    User Groups/Customizations must be made from the Admin portal. 



    1. Login to admin portal. 

    2. From the main control panel, click on 'Config'

    3. On the 'Config' page, click on 'User Groups' tab. (NOTE: If this tab is blank, please contact FastGem Support, so the feature can be enabled.) 


    4.Click on the green 'Plus Sign' icon. In the 'Label' field, type in the preferred name of the User Group you are creating. (We have chosen 'Special Reps' for our test name. ) If you need to add additional User Group Labels, just click the icon again and type the preferred name as mentioned above. 

    5.Click on the 'Plus Sign' icon underneath 'User Groups' to add a new User Group. In the dropdown that appears, select The permission you would like the new User Group to have. For each new permission that needs to be added, just click the Green plus sign and repeat this step until all necessary permissions are added. If you need to delete a line, field, or group label, click on the red 'minus' icon

    6. To rearrange the order in which the user groups display in 'Rep Records' in the main FastGem site, you can click the blue 'Directional' icon and drag the entire line, label, and group to the placement/order you would like for it to appear in the front end dropdown. 


    To access User groups on the Main FastGem site, Go to Reps>Create User. From the 'Create User Menu,' look for  'User Groups' drop down. The above  steps is how you will edit, add, or customize the contents of this menu.




  • Adding Your Company Logo to FastGem Pages/Links

    The company logo which appears at the top of your screen in certain FastGem pages/links (for example, customer pay link pages) is configurable for your instance:


    To add/change your company logo as it appears on these pages, log into your Admin FastGem portal and click 'Config.' 


    Near the top of the 'General Config' tab, you should see a logo upload bar:


    Click 'Select'


    Within the pop-up screen, select a Logo from the 'Logos' folder (If you don't already have a logo uploaded, you can upload it into this folder by using the 'upload' button at the top right of the pop-up screen):