• Clearing Cache (ADMIN)

    If you've updated or added information in the admin portal of FastGem, but the information you entered/changed is not reflected in Front End, it is very likely to be a caching issue.

    To resolve this, log into the Admin Section of your FastGem and find the small, gray, "Clean Cache" option at the bottom middle of your screen (highlighted in yellow below):

    Click "Clean Cache," then return to front end FastGem, refresh your page, and try again. 

    If the problem persists, please contact FastGem support. 


  • Error Message: "Your account isn't set up correctly. Please contact support and tell them your 'ME' record is not set up correctly"



     *You must be an internal user with Admin permissions to access the following features in FastGem. 


    1. Login to Admin/Backend FastGem. 

    2. Click on the carrot to the right of 'Users' on the top Orange Menu Bar. (See Below) . Then, click on 'Manage'.

    3. Click on the User you are needing to assess. (We will use Test Person as an example here.) 

    4. Once Test Person's user record is open, click on the 'FastGem' tab along the top of the record's menu. 

    5. In the fifth box down, you will most likely see '-ME-'. (See the example on the left.) This is what is causing your problem. The -ME- link should be set to the rep's name in each record.  You will need to click into that dropdown and select the name of the rep (In this case, Test Person). (See example on the right.)


    6. Click 'Save & Close' . Double check to make sure the issue you're having is now resolved. 


  • Error Message/Troubleshooting

  • Installing FastGem Chrome Extension

    This Google Chrome Plug-in is designed to cut your processing time by more than half. It is integrated with several different providers. Additional training articles are available on utilizing the different types of Provider Overlays. 


    1. Click on the link below to add the Chrome Plug-in. 

    FastGem Overlay Tool Plug-in

    2. On the Plug in link page, click on 'Add To Chrome' blue box in the upper right hand of the screen. 

    3. Click on 'Add Extension' in the prompt that pops up. 


    You should be all set!


    TROUBLESHOOTING: ( Overlay Tool is not popping up when you access the portal)

    Check to make sure this plug-in is enabled by clicking on the 'Puzzle Piece' icon in the upper left hand corner of your Chrome Browser bar, and click on 'Manage Extensions.'



    Look for the FastGem Extension and make sure the sliding bar is toggled to the right and blue. This enables the tool/turns it on. If this switch is gray and set to the left, then it is not enabled. 

                                                  DISABLED                                                                                                                                         ENABLED



    *If tool still is not populating, check and make sure that FastGem Plug in is integrated with the processing portal you are trying to access and use the tool in. 


    *For further questions/concerns, please reach out directly to FastGem Support. (504-383-0602)

  • Manually Updating Chrome Extension

    The Chrome Extension automatically updates any time new features or development are available for it, however, it may be updated faster if you know how to manually update the extension. Please click the link below for a visual description on manual update.




  • Problem: "Error Contact Support" when accessing Overlay

    Resolve by Clicking HERE!


    Follow the steps in the above link, refresh, and try again. 

    This should resolve the error message. 

    If not, contact FastGem Support at 504-383-0602

  • Problem: 2 Rep/Tech Records Created for 1 User


    There should only ever be 1 record for each user onboarded into FastGem. If a second record is accidentally or somehow created in the system, the following steps will need to be taken for troubleshooting. 

    Login to backend (FastGem ADMIN). Click on 'Reps' on the 'Control Panel' menu list.



    Find the duplicate record that was created. (NOTE: It is EXTREMELY important that you are deleting the correct rep record, especially if this rep already has customers they're tied to. If you need help checking this, please consult an admin, or FastGem support, so you do not lose important data.) 


    Check that user's box and click on 'DELETE' at the top of the screen.


    To confirm that the correct item was successfully deleted, you should see a green 'Success' message, and only the correct rep record should remain. 


    NOTE: Now, you will want to make sure the 'ME' link is set to the correct rep record. This is just to safeguard from any data being misconstrued in your FastGem instance. For more information on setting a user's 'ME' link correctly, please see help article "Error Message: Your Account isn't set up correctly..."




  • Problem: Cleared Work Order Not Showing Up in Payroll

    Problem: Work order doesn't show up in payroll. 

    Resolution: Check payment cleared status and date. Make sure Payment Cleared date is shown. 

    Note: We are using 'Payment Cleared' because this is the most commonly used 'cleared' status. A 'cleared' status is the status that allows the work order to appear in Snapshot Payroll for processing. If your instance is configured differently, it is possible that your 'cleared' status may be something else, like 'Installed.' If that is the case, you would want to check to make sure the Installed date is shown. 

    1. From Front- end, Click on 'Appointments' tab (This may be called 'Work Orders' or something else, depending on your instance's customization). Type the name of the customer in search bar. Hit the 'Enter' key on your keyboard. Click on customer name to go to link to submission page for that customer.