1. Login to your FastGem
    2. Hover over 'Reporting' and click on 'Payroll' 
    3. Select and click on the date that you are wanting to lookup Payroll for OR click on the 'Preview icon' to the right of that date  circled in the diagram. With either option, you will see your payroll displayed for that time period. 




  • Rep Name is not populating in People 'List View' column

    *You must be FastGem Support in order to access the features necessary 


    • Login to back end (Admin FastGem) . Click on 'Form Management' in the control panel. (See below)
    • Select the correct order form from the list provided. (As an example, we are using 'Updated Order Form' in our Demo instance) 
    • Look for the field titled 'rep_id' in the bottom 'Hidden Fields' row. 
    • This field should be published (If not, be sure and publish it). 
    • It should also be displayed (as shown above) in PHP CODE. 


    **The following steps are very important to follow precisely. If you do not follow EXACTLY as written, you risk causing even more complications to the code on the order form. 


    • In a separate tab, login to the back end of an instance where the Rep name is displaying appropriately on the form and repeat the above steps in that instance. You will be using this as a reference to assist you in the upcoming procedure. 
    • Click on the 'edit' button for the 'rep_id' field. 
    • Click on the 'HTML' tab
    • Click the 'Code' tab. Then, click 'Close'. DO NOT CLICK SAVE!  
    • Now, reopen the field. The code should contain NO ampersands. Copy the code you see. There should be no ampersands in the code. 


    • Open the other tab with the form you are actually editing. Click on 'edit' in the 'rep_namer' field.  Repeat the same steps above (Edit, Code, Close DO NOT SAVE) Then, reopen. 
    • Erase the code and paste what you copied from the working order form into the box. Be sure you remain in the 'Code' tab and press save. 
    • Go test the form to make sure Rep Name is now visible when accessing order form. 
  • Accessing & Using Order Forms Video

  • Adding Rep Adjustments


    1. Login to FastGem (Front End) 
    2. Hover Over 'Resources.' Click on 'Utilities.' 
    3. In the 'Description' field, type in the description of the standard fee you would like withheld from each sale for reps onboarded into FastGem. In the 'Effective Date' column, choose the date in which you would like to start withholding this fee. 
  • Basic use of FastGem for IBO/Reps

  • Changing Assigned Rep to Sale/Order

    *You must have Admin Access permissions in order to access the Administrative Back End of FastGem to reassign the rep/lead rep to the sale. 

    This cannot be performed in the front end of FastGem.


    1. Login to Admin (backend) FastGem. 

    2. Go to Config>Persons (Persons may be called Submissions in older instances)

    3. Click on the record in which you need to reassign reps in. 

    4. Find the dropdowns for Rep and Lead Rep. Use the dropdown to assign the correct reps as needed. Click 'Save' in the top left hand of the screen when finished.



  • Converting a Lead into a Submission/Person Record

    *As an example, we have upload a mock lead under the name 'Jane Doe.'

    1. Login to FastGem front end. Click on the 'Leads' tab. 
    2. Either search for the name of the lead you are looking for in the 'Search' field, or scroll the page to find the lead name you wish to convert and click on the name. 
    3. Click on the 'Edit Item' button 
    4. Complete the fields necessary with information needed to process the order(You can include the package in action logs/notes or by selecting package information in the provided space at the bottom of the page).
    5. Chang the lead status from 'Not Started' to 'Converted.' Then, click the 'Save' Button to save these changes. 
    6. Click the 'back' button on the following page to confirm changes. 
    7. Click the 'Submissions' tab. 
    8. Your lead now shows up in the active submissions in the 'Converted Lead' workflow status & is ready to be processed. 
  • Deactivating a user in FastGem


    1. Login to Backend FastGem (ADMIN) 
    2. Click on 'Users' up top. Then, click on 'Manage' Wait for page to load. 
    3. Click the square to the left of the rep whose FastGem you need to deactivate. Then, click 'Block' up top. 
  • Editing Individual Rep Commissions

    *You must have 'Edit Comps' Permission in FastGem to access the features involved in this training video. Please reach out to your FastGem's admin to further inquire. 

  • Entering Leads into FastGem (Manual)

    1. Login to Frontend FastGem. Click 'Leads' Tab at top of screen. 
    2. Scroll to the bottom of the 'Leads' page and click the green 'Add Lead' button in the bottom left hand directly above your company icon. 
    3. On the following page, fill out the appropriate fields necessary. Then, click 'Save' at the top left of your screen. 
    4. On the following page, you will need to verify the lead information and then click the 'back' button at the top of the lead page. 
  • Error Message: Your account isn't setup correctly. Please contact support and tell them your 'ME' record is not setup correctly



     *You must be an internal user with Admin access to access the following features in FastGem. 


    1. Login to Admin/Backend FastGem. 

    2. Click on the carrot to the right of 'Users' on the top Orange Menu Bar. (See Below) . Then, click on 'Manage'.

    3. Click on the User you are needing to assess. (We will use Test Person as an example here.) 

    4. Once, Test Person's user record is open, click on the 'FastGem' tab along the top of the record's menu.