Below is a written list of explanations for the column titles most likely to appear in your Work Orders (AKA Appointments) list view (Keep in mind that these columns are somewhat customizable, and that depending on your instance, you may see these columns in a different order or see slightly different columns):

Pad and Pen Icon: This is the 'Edit' button. Click this to edit your work order.

Checkbox: This is used when mass updating. Select each work order you wish to mass update and then click the Mass Update button at the top of your page to assign changes to all work orders selected. 

Customer: Full name of person/customer tied to the work order. Click this to view the work order.

State: Customer's state of residence

Flag Icon: If the work order has a follow up flag set, it will show here (as well as in the QC/Follow Up menu). You can click the follow up icon directly to see follow up details, or click the edit icon or person name to be taken into their work order record and review the follow up details from there. 

Book Icon (Action Logs): Click this to review/add to the action logs for this person/work order, create a task tied to this work order, or send a text message to the customer and/or their rep. 

Package: The package associated with this Work Order

W.O. Status: Work Order Status. You can view/change the work order status (Installed, Cancelled, Payment Cleared, etc.) from here. Statuses are customizable. Keep in mind that work orders put into a 'cleared' status as configured for your instance will appear in Snapshot Payroll to be processed/paid out by a payroll admin. 

Install Date: The date of package/work order installation

Acct #: The account number associated with this order. All orders have account numbers for tracking purposes.


Assigned QC: The Quality Control worker this work order has been assigned to, if applicable

Rep: The direct sales rep tied to this work order

Payment Cleared: The date this order was put into Payment Cleared status, if applicable (for most instances, the 'Payment Cleared' status is the 'cleared' status which allows the work order to appear in Snapshot Payroll to be processed/paid out by a payroll admin)

Referrer: If the customer tied to the work order has a referrer, that referrer will appear here


Created: The date the work order was created

Modified Date: The date the work order was last modified

Time since: The time since the work order's status was last changed.

All Packages for Person: Any and all work orders (appointments)/packages the customer tied to this work order has ordered


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