As a tech, to access your installations list from a desktop, hover over the 'Techs' menu item and click 'Installations.' To access from a phone or tablet, click 'Techs' and then click 'Installations.'  (NOTE: This may be named something different or be located in a different place depending on your instance's customization. If you are having trouble locating your installations list, please contact a supervisor or FastGem Support). 








From your installations page, you can click on the customer's phone number to call them, click on the 'Map' hyperlink to get directions to the installation site, change installation status if necessary, review any required equipment that you will need to bring, check out any install notes that may have been left for you by order processors, review the installation action logs, access your tech forms, add a note to the installation record for the quality control department, assign inventory and/or view assigned inventory, chat with the rep assigned to the customer, check the install date, and add photos. (If it is turned on for your instance, you will also see an 'Order Summary' dropdown which allows you to view further details relating to the customer and their order, IF you have the permissions to do so).


For further questions relating to your installations view in FastGem, please utilize the help categories or contact FastGem support at (504) 383-0602 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for using FastGem!