To create a new work order from the Work Orders list view (as opposed to creating a new work order within a person record), click the 'Add Item' button at the top of the Work Orders/Appointments list view screen:




Make sure to attach the work order to a person record using the person search tool (unattached work orders cannot exist and will not save): 



You can then add all the details you would add when creating a WO record within a customer record: Account number, status, package name, scheduled date and time, number of boxes, assigned technician, install notes, etc. You can even assign inventory and upload documents or photos to the work order record when first creating it here. Note that there is no need to select a rep or a lead rep for the work order: rep and lead rep will be auto-populated according to what is assigned to the customer record.



Once the work order has been saved for the first time, you will be able to do things such as create tasks attached to this work order, see projected payroll for this work order, etc.