*Simple Clock/In out option for hourly employees. 

*Includes Administrative properties that allow for time edit/management & daily/weekly/monthly reports in mass or individually. 


Note: To filter time card page results by employee and/or dates worked, select an employee and/or date range using the drop down menus provided (You can also click on 'Precise Dates' to select specific date ranges not provided in the dropdown menu):



If you are a timecard admin and you need to enter a record of time worked for an employee who forgot to clock in at all, you will need to go to the admin portal (backend) of your instance. You can access the backend of your instance by adding /a to the end of your instance URL. For example, the backend address of the demo instance is demo.fastgem.net/a. 

Once in the backend of your instance, head to Components > TimeWorked > Reports: 


Click 'New' to create a new timecard record from scratch. You can select a project, employee, dates and times. Make sure you select an option from each of the required fields, and also that Time Type is set to either Lunch, Break, or End of Day, NOT Default. In the Time (in hours) field, you will need to fill in the total hours and minutes worked for this log (example: type 5:33 for five hours and thirty-three minutes worked): 


Remember to Save when finished!