If you've been assigned a Task by a FastGem user and the due date for that task has arrived or is past due, then the next time you log into your FastGem instance, you will see a pink bar near the top of your screen, alerting you that you have unfinished tasks. 

To access your assigned Tasks, you can click directly on the 'My Tasks' hyperlink in the red bar, or you can hover over 'Inbox,' hover over 'Tasks,' and click 'My Tasks' from the menu bar (This may be in a slightly different place depending on your instance's customization). 

Once you have accessed your 'My Tasks' page, you can view the details of the tasks you have assigned to you, with any notes from the assigner displayed for your reference. To see more details, you can click on the Action logs, click on the Task Description, or click on the 'eyeball' icon, or you can add notes/edit the task using the 'pen and pad' Edit icon. 



Once you have completed the task, you can change the Task Status using the status dropdown from the list view, or change the Task Status from within the task record. 






Once you have marked the task complete, it will appear in the applicable Action Logs. 


Thank you for using FastGem!