Instead of assigning an individual task to an individual rep/user, you can assign an individual task to an entire department. So, when you assign the task, everyone assigned to the department you've selected will receive notification that the task needs to be completed. 


Assigning from List View/Action Logs: 

1. From Customers or Work Orders Tab List View, click on the 'Action Log' icon (Black book icon) 



 Assigning from List View/Action Logs: 

1. From Customer/Work Orders Tab 'Edit' View, click on 'Actions' in the right hand expandable menu. Scroll to 'Create Task' . Skip to Step '3.' below. 



2. From the Action log menu, click on 'Create Task.' 


3. Fill out the necessary fields (as applicable), and select a department in the department dropdown selection. 


Any user/rep who is assigned to the selected department will receive notification that this task needs to be completed, and will have access to do so.