Below: Please find an explanation of everything you will see when you click on your customer's name from the 'Submissions' page in FastGem. 

  1. ACTION LOGS- Notes/Actions taken by Internal/System users. (i.e. Processor, Company heads) about the specific order in which you are viewing. You can text your customer, rep, and even create a task attached to this customer record from the Action Log.
  2. SUBMISSION DATA- All customer details/information/preferences submitted by the customer on their order form. Also includes the link they were issued to fill out the order form, rep name, etc. Sensitive data such as SSN, DOB, etc. is masked from this section
  3. FIRST/LAST NAME- Customer First/Last Name
  4. PRIMARY EMAIL- Customer's e-mail address given on their order form
  5. PRIMARY PHONE- Customer's primary phone number as entered on order form. 
  6. SECONDARY PHONE- Customer's secondary contact number (optional) 
  7. ACCOUNT NUMBER- Once account is set up for customer, this space will be filled in by the processor consistent with the account number given by provider of services. 
  8. ADDRESS- Address of customer as entered on their order form. (paired with City/State/Zip fields as well) 
  9. PIN- This is set up by the order processor while placing order for services. 
  10. SECURITY ANSWER- Some providers require an account security question  during initial account set up. The answer is put here by order processor. 
  11. WORKFLOW STATUS- Here, you will find the status of the order (Not Started, About to process, Pass, DNQ, etc) 
  12. CREDIT RISK- Credit risk of customer (once processed) is typed here. 
  13. ASSIGNED TO- Shows who processed the order or last touched/edited/added action logs to submitted order.This person will also receive notifications in QC if the customer responds to a text message received from the 'People' or 'Submissions' tab.
  14. REP- Shows the rep whose order form link was used to submit the order. 
  15. LEAD REP- Shows the rep's team leader
  16. PROCESSOR CHANNEL- Shows which channel or the channel owner used to process order. 
  17. CREATED- Shows the live date and time that the order was actually submitted by customer. 
  18. FIRST TOUCH- Shows the date and time that the first processor/internal system user opened and viewed/edited/processed the order. 
  19. WORK ORDERS- This section is labeled and shows the name of the provider/package , # of cable boxes/rooms needed, the scheduled installation date, install time window, Status of the installation (Installed, scheduled, payment cleared, cancelled) . It allows you to create the work order within the customer record, so you don't have to alternate back and forth between 'People' and 'Work Order' tabs.