**As an example, we used the name 'Tori Spelling' for the customer. 

  1. Login to FastGem (Front end) 
  2. Click on 'Submissions' Tab. 
  3. Click on the customer name in which you need to send a text. 
  4. Click on the 'Edit Item' button. 
  5. Click on 'Action logs' 
    Then, a drop down display of this section will appear. You can either choose a text template in the drop down box provided for that area ,or you can send an original text in the 'Send Text to Customer' field. 
  6. Click on the green 'Send Message' button when you are ready to send the text. 
  7. Scroll back up and click the 'Save' button.
  8. Click the 'back' button to bring you back to the 'Submissions' page. All done!