There can only be 1 rep record for each user onboarded into FastGem & everything function properly. If a second record is accidentally or somehow created in the system, the following steps will need to be taken for troubleshooting and resolving. 

Login to backend (FastGem ADMIN). Click on 'Reps' on the 'Control Panel' menu list.



Find the duplicate record that was created. (NOTE: It is EXTREMELY important that you are deleting the correct rep record, especially if this rep already has customers they're tied to. If you need help checking this, please consult an admin, or FastGem support, so you do not lose important data.) 


Check that user's box and click on 'DELETE' at the top of the screen.


To confirm that the correct item was successfully deleted, you should see a green 'Success' message, and only the correct rep record should remain. 


NOTE:  Now, you will want to make sure the 'ME' link is set to the correct rep record. This is just to safeguard from any data being misconstrued in your FastGem instance.

Once you have confirmed the deletion was successful, go to the top menu bar- Users>Manage. Search and select the User Record consistent with the rep record you just deleted.