Login to FastGem (ADMIN). Click on 'Users', Hover over 'Manage', click on 'Add New User.' 



Fill in the Top 5 fields. Toggle the 'Require Password Reset' button to 'Yes'. Leave all other fields blank.   



Click on 'Assigned User Groups' Tab option & assign user/rep appropriate permissions. 



Click on 'FastGem' tab option. If this user does not need login access to Front end FastGem, you are done. If user needs login access, proceed to next step



Fill out fields/toggle buttons accordingly. Scroll to where you see ,'Create Rep Record.' Toggle to 'Yes' 



Choose the appropriate rep title/option. (This will differ from instance to instance being that all dropdowns in FastGem are usually customizable according to need.) 


Type in rep phone number. 


Type in rep phone number. 

Click 'Save & Close.'