A PDF of submitted forms to FastGem can be e-mailed to instance users. 


*You will need to obtain the HTML layout for the form from Chad or the instance owner (if they have their own HTML layout). In most cases, Chad will paste the code into the form beforehand. 


1.Admin>Form Management


2. Click on the order form you want e-mailed. ('Checkbox Order Form' used as an example for this article)

3. Click on 'Form Properties.' 


4. Click on 'Admin Emails' in the left margin's menu. 


5. Fill out each field as necessary. Leaving a section blank is fine if it's not needed.


6. In the 'Contents' section:

Type whatever you want the subject to read when you receive an e-mailed form.

Toggle The E-mail mode to 'HTML' 

Click on 'Edit the Email Text' and customize to your liking. Click 'Save' to save changes. 


Click on the 'Code' tab' once you've saved your changes.  

Copy the code shown . Click 'Save and Close.'



Paste the copied text into the 'PDF Layout HTML' box provided. (See below.)

Toggle 'Attach to Admin Email' to 'Yes.'


Click on 'Save & Close.' Changes are now implemented in FastGem and your e-mails. 


To Test: 


Submit a test form and view e-mail and PDF attachment.