There is an option to MASS UPDATE Statuses, details, etc. in most list views. This article explains how this can be enabled. 



You can check any list view (i.e. Orders>Customers, Orders>Leads, Orders>Work Orders, etc.). Locate the 'Mass Update'  button at the top of the screen.

If you do not see this button present, you will need to enable the feature. If you see button, it is already enabled. 




You will need to login to Admin Portal. 

From the 'Orange' menu bar in Admin, Go to Menus>All Menu Items

From the 'Menus' page, click into the 'Search' field and type in the name of the list view menu item you are wanting to add the Mass Update option to, (In this article, we will use 'Leads' as a visual example.) to search for that menu item. Click on the Search icon (Magnifying glass) to the right of the 'Search' field. This will find the correct menu item, in order for you to edit. 

Once the page loads, click on the 'Leads' (or correct) menu item displayed on the screen. 



 Once the menu options page loads, locate and click on the 'Options' tab on the screen.


From the 'Options' tab, locate the 'Disable Mass Update..' dropdown selection. It is most likely set to 'Yes' (If feature is disabled.)


If set to 'Yes', click and toggle the option to 'No'. Then, click 'Save & Close' 


All done :)