*You must be FastGem Support in order to access this feature. 



1. Login to Admin FastGem

2. Click on 'Extensions'>Languages>Overrides. 

3. Set the Override Language to 'English (United Kingdom) Administrator.'

4. Click on the green 'New' button at the top left. 

5. Click into the 'Search' field and type the name of the field as it CURRENTLY appears in FastGem's front end (whether it be a field in the edit or list view, follow the same steps). Then, click on the 'Search' button, and click on the field name that populates in the search column.


6. Click in the 'Text' field to the left hand of the page. Type in what you would like to rename the field. (We will use the Demo instance's 'People' tab's 'Edit' view, and change the 'Primary Email' field name to just 'Email' as an example. ) Click the checkbox labeled 'For Both Locations' to insure that changes take place in both ADMIN and Front End FastGem. Then, click Save & Close.




7. Check to make sure changes have taken place as expected. 


Here is how it looks before applying any changes

*Once changes are implemented and saved, you will be able to check front end for the change to immediately take place. 


NOTE: If this is a change that will need to take place throughout all of FastGem from this point forward, and is not just isolated to the instance in which you are initially changing it in, you will need to be sure that you make the change to Base instance, so you won't have to manually keep entering this information in each new instance. .