You can assign tasks to your employees/reps in FastGem, and tie them to specific customer records as well. 

When a task has been assigned to someone in FastGem, the assignee will receive a notification upon logging into FastGem , and prompted to check their tasks with direct link. 


From the Customers and/or Work Order 'List' view, click on the 'Book' (Action Log) icon. (In Work Orders, there are two icons. One is the action log for the work orders, and one is the action log for the actual customer/order submission) 


You can also access the 'Create Task' feature by editing a customer record or work order and clicking on 'Action Log' 

From the action log options: 

Click on 'Create Task'. Select a User from the dropdown provided, a due date, and type in the task description. 

If this is assigned from the Work Order or Submission, it will automatically assign to that customer in The Tasks menu item option, and will show when the rep logs in and clicks 'My Tasks' or 'Rep Tasks' (This may be called something different in your instance. 



Internal users can click on the 'Tasks' menu item and 'Task Management' to edit/assign Tasks in FastGem as well.



From this option: 

Click on 'Add item' To Create a New task. Make selections in the User Dropdowns, select a due date, status, etc. You have the option to attach this task to a customer record or Work Order as well. 

Once a task is complete, the rep  or internal user can change the status to reflect. 


When a user who has been assigned a task in FastGem logs in, they will see : 


They can then click on the MY TASKS (it's a hyperlink) and it will take them directly to the MY TASKS or REP TASKS list view to view assigned tasks.