You must be at least an internal user to view these menus in FastGem. 


1. Login to FastGem. 

2. Go to - Orders>Leads or Orders>Customers


You will see a list view of all leads and/or customers in FastGem. 

If you wish to edit details, click on the 'Edit' icon to the far left of the customer's list item. 

You can view or access the action log from this list view by clicking on the 'Black Book' icon in the customer item column. 

You can view any 'Follow up' flags set for a customer by clicking on the 'Red Flag' icon if it is shown next to a customer list item. 



For a quick preview of the customer record, just click on the customer's name link in the list. 



To sort by name, package, etc. Just click on the column heading, which will auto sort everything in that column. 

You can also utilize Search tools/filters to make searching for specific customers/leads a lot easier and time consuming. 


You can also change any unlocked status from the list view.