*You must have Internal User Permissions to access this feature! 

Added packages appear in the Package Dropdown box in 'Work Orders' when you add a work order to your customer records. 

Packages also track commission and (when driven by PHP code), will appear on your order form as well. 


1. From your FastGem homescreen, go to Resources>Packages on the menu bar. (Do not click on any extensions of 'Packages'. Click Directly on 'Packages'.

2. From the 'Packages' page, scroll down and click on the 'Add new item' Icon as shown below. 

3. (As an Example) We are adding the AT&T TV package, 'Entertainment', which comes with 65+ channels, and the cost of that package is $59.99/month. So, in the 'Label' field, we will put 'AT&T TV ENTERTAINMENT'. In the 'Description' field, we will type '65+ Channels', and in the 'Cost' field, we will type '59.99'. In the dropdown box labeled 'Provider' we will select AT&T TV. No dollar sign will be needed, as FastGem autopopulates the currency symbol for you. If your order forms are set up for the provider you are adding a package for, you can select 'Yes' in the 'Include on Form' dropdown box, if you'd like for this package to display on your order form as an option. You can also set up the standard commission plan for this package by selection 'Yes' in the 'Commission Based Package' dropdown, or just leave it at 'No' if you don't wish to set up commission plan. You can always go back and edit that later if you need to. (Please see help topic: Editing Mass Comps for more information on adding commission plans for packages) . 


4. Click 'Save' when you are finished. The package is now available amongst all of the packages. You can now assign a work order to this package from 'People' or 'Work Order' tabs.