*You must be an Internal User/Processor within FastGem instance to access this feature. 

Create/edit as many work orders as necessary and attach to one customer record with the updated Work Orders tab, now conveniently located at the top of your Person record underneath Action Log and Submission Data. 

The following examples assume that you have already opened your customer's record, and chosen the 'Edit' option, and are currently on that screen. 



1. Locate the 'Work Order' link at the top of the record's 'edit' view. Click to expand. 



2. To add a new Work Order/Package, click on green, 'Add New' icon. 


3. Make the selections consistent with the package and/or Service Call that needs to be added. Be sure and select the correct dates/statuses, as this information will reflect which/when auto texts will be sent out. If you are sending a technician on the call, make sure you assign the Tech from the work order, so payroll is administered appropriately as well. (This may not apply to everyone). 

4. Once you are finished adding the work order details, click the 'Save' button at the top of the 'edit' screen. 


The Work Order is available for notation and reference in its own tab from this point on, but is still also accessible from the 'People' record as well.