*You must be an internal user in order to access the following features! 


Any packages added will also display in the dropdown selection when assigning a package during the creation of work orders. 


1. Hover your cursor over Resources, then, click on 'Packages.

2. In the 'Packages List View' , scroll down and click on 'Add Item'. 

3. The way you enter package data into each provided field here, will be how it is displayed on the order form. 

*The 'Label' field should contain the Name of the package (highlighted item #1) 

*The 'Description' field will present on the order inside of parenthesis (highlighted item #2)

*The 'Cost' field should contain the cost of that particular package. 


*Be sure and Select a Provider from the drop down box provided. If you do not see the provider you need, please contact FastGem Support


*Be sure and specify whether or not you want this package information to appear on the order form by making a selection in the provided drop down box labeled 'Include on Form' 

*You can also set up Flat rep/tech fees and commissions for this package as well when creating it. If you choose to not apply commissions, or to do so later, just toggle the 'Commission Based Package' dropdown option to 'No', and click 'Save and Close'.