Accessing Action Logs


  • Accessing From Orders>People>Action Log Icon: 


  • Accessing from Orders>People>Plus Icon>Log Icon:


  • Accessing from Orders>People>Plus Sign>Edit Icon>Action Log:



Utilizing Action Logs


  • Type in to search or scroll and select the 'Action Log Type' (i.e. Note, Inbound Call, Outbound, etc.):
  • Type in whatever notes you need to regarding the subject matter. Click save. The notes will permanently save in the action log below the 'Notes' field.: 
  • Always be sure and 'Save' or 'Save & Close' your work before exiting the 'Edit' view. 


**You can also view/edit/utilize action logs via Orders>Work Orders and following the same steps as you would in 'People'. 

** When/if a customer responds to a text message sent from Action Log, it will appear in the QC log (Quality Control tab) 

**To configure Texting templates and Note types for Action Log, you must have administrative permissions/user group. Login to back end (ADMIN) FastGem, go to Config>Quality Control to add/remove/edit Note types. Go to Config>Twilio to edit texting templates.