Problem: Override/Downline amount in Payroll is '$0'

Resolution (1 of 2)

  1. Login to Admin FastGem. Click on 'Users' tab at top of screen. Click on 'Manage'. 

  2. Find user name in which Override/downline is assigned to. Click on name link. 

  3. Click on 'Fast Gem' tab on following page. 

  4. Scroll to 'Viewable Sales Reps.' (where the arrow is pointing)  Be sure original sales rep responsible for the sale is added to the area inside of circle. 

  5. Click on Save and Close.
  6. Confirm resolution of problem in FastGem (Front end) Payroll section. 


Resolution (2 of 2): 

1. In Payroll section, click on the rep record for the sales rep responsible for the main commission on the account. 

Click on 'Edit' button. Scroll to the appropriate package name assigned to the sale. 

View columns to the right of the consistent package name. Click into box underneath 'OVER/DOVER' (High, Low, Med), and type in the correct amount of override/Downline that sales leader should receive for this credit risk/package. 

Click. Save. Click 'Payroll' tab. Refresh. Confirm problem is resolved. Proceed.