*You must be a Payroll Admin in order to access this feature. 

  • Login to FastGem and hover over 'Payroll' Tab, then hover over Manage Payroll, and click on Snapshot Payroll. 
  • If you are running your weekly payroll, just lick on 'Run'. If you need to search for specific cleared dates, you can do so by filtering the dates as shown below. 


  • Review data displayed for each rep as needed, and click the checkbox to the right of each payroll entry for the entries that you want to be included in your 'Finalized  Payroll' (Released/Viewable Payroll). Once Finalized, these selected entries will be viewable to the reps that they are tied to.
  • While reviewing Ran Payroll, you can click on 'Hide Details' to collapse all details and only view by rep. You can then click on each orange bar to expand the details for that specific tab. 


  • Once you've reviewed and made all of the necessary selections. You are ready to 'Finalize' your payroll. You can do this by clicking the calendar icon in the top right hand of the Payroll Menu to select the date you want this payroll to be finalized for. Then, click 'Finalize.' Click 'OK' when prompted to make sure you want to send this payroll into View. 

Once you have completed these steps, your reps that have payroll assigned to them in the finalized batch, will be able to login and see a breakdown of their expected pay.