This Google Chrome Plug-in is designed to cut your processing time by more than half. It is integrated with several different providers. Additional training articles are available on utilizing this tool.


1. Click on the link below to add the Chrome Plug-in. 

FastGem Overlay Tool Plug-in

2. On the Plug in link page, click on 'Add To Chrome' blue box in the upper right hand of the screen. 

3. Click on 'Add Extension' in the prompt that pops up. 


You should be all set!


TROUBLESHOOTING: ( Overlay Tool is not popping up when you access the portal)

Check to make sure this plug-in is enabled by clicking on the 'Puzzle Piece' icon in the upper left hand corner of your Chrome Browser bar, and click on 'Manage Extensions.'



Look for the FastGem Extension and make sure the sliding bar is toggled to the right and blue. This enables the tool/turns it on. If this switch is gray and set to the left, then it is not enabled. 

                                              DISABLED                                                                                                                                         ENABLED



*If tool still is not populating, check and make sure that FastGem Plug in is integrated with the processing portal you are trying to access and use the tool in. 


*For further questions/concerns, please reach out directly to FastGem Support. (504-383-0602)