Note: The following article explains how to utilize the manual quality control/follow up features in FastGem. To set up automated quality control/follow ups as well, please see help article 'Setting Up Automated Quality Control/Follow Ups' or contact FastGem support. 


 Utilizing Manual Follow Ups/QC List:

Navigate to your instance's manual Follow Ups List page (This may be called something different, like Quality Control/QC,' in your instance. It may also be located somewhere different than show below). The Follow Up/QC list will appear with the oldest (most urgent) follow-up alerts first: 


Note the options to filter your QC list by different criteria, at the top of the page:


Internal Users/Quality Control processors can click on a customer's name to access their record, click the 'Eye' icon to preview a person/customer record, or click the Action Log (black book) icon to see more information on each customer in the list, and to discover why the follow-up flag was set for them. If you are accessing a person's Action Log from this page, a pop-up will appear offering to assign you as the QC processor for that record. Click 'OK' to have your name appear as the 'Assigned QC' in that person's record, and to receive alerts when that customer requires attention, or click 'Cancel' to view the person's Action Logs without assigning them to you: