Instead of assigning a task to an individual rep/user, you can assign a task to an entire department. So, when you assign the task, everyone assigned to the department you've selected will receive a notification that the task needs to be completed. 


Assigning from List View/Action Logs: 

From Customers or Work Orders Tab List View, click on the 'Action Log' icon (Black book icon) 



Next, click on 'Create Task.'


 Assigning from Person Record/Action Logs: 

From Customer/Work Orders Tab 'Edit' View, click on 'Actions' in the right hand expandable menu. 



Click on 'Create Task.' 


3. Fill out the necessary fields (as applicable), and select a department in the department dropdown selection. 


Any user/rep who is assigned to the selected department will receive notification that this task needs to be completed, and will have access to the task.