*For Reps not on pay plans

*You must be an internal user with special permissions to access this feature. 

  1. Login to Front end FastGem. Hover over 'Reps' Tab. Click on 'Mass Update Rep Comm.' (This may be called something slightly different or be located under a different menu item depending on your instance's customization).
  2. Fill in boxes based on Product/Package/Override/Downline/Credit risk, etc. You can also update to match an individual rep's commission by selecting the name of the rep whose commissions you wish to copy in the drop down box 'Load Existing Rep Comp Plan' (Note: Referrer Flat Override by Rep amounts and Volume Bonuses do not copy over, but Flat Fees as entered in the comps section do). The Rep chosen in the 'Copy Comps From' dropdown, if any, should not be on a payplan, and neither should the reps being updated, as using the Mass Update Rep Comm tool will NOT take the reps who are being updated off their payplans if they are already on a payplan, assign them a payplan if they are not on one, or change the payplan they are on. 
  3. Enter the names of the reps whose commissions you wish to update in the 'Reps to Update with Above Values' box at the bottom of the page. 
  4. Be sure & Click 'Update' in order to save changes made. 
  5. Click 'OK' to finish.