Enter and Edit a Tech Profile. 

Navigate to the 'Tech Commission' section on the right half of their profile screen (Note: this option only appears when a tech is NOT on a payplan. You cannot enter customized commissions per tech and also assign a pay plan to that tech. For information on configuring Tech Pay Plans, see help article 'Adding/Assigning New Tech Payplans').

Use the green 'Add Item' button to enter commission details:


Note that for each commission type, you can specify a provider. If no provider is specified, then the commission details for that type apply to all providers, other than those that ARE specified. For example, in the picture above, Test Tech will receive a commission of $85 for each 'First Receiver' they install for every provider except ADT. For ADT installations, they will receive a $100 commission for every 'First Receiver.' 



At the bottom of the tech's profile screen, (if they are not on a payplan), there will be a compensation section which includes the option to enter a 'Flat Tech Fee' for specific packages (ignore the comm low/comm med/comm high boxes; these are for reps and will not affect technician pay).

Flat fees trump commissions, and do away with overrides/downline overrides. For example, when the technician whose profile is pictured below installs most packages, they will receive whatever commission has been entered for them in the 'Tech Commission' section cited above. However, when they install the packages 'alarm system' and/or 'At&t Internet 1000 MBPS,' they will not receive their 'Tech Commission' as entered in the 'Tech Commission' section; instead they will receive a flat Tech fee of $100 and/or $56 dollars, respectively. Their lead tech, if they have one, will not receive any override commission from this tech's 'alarm system' and/or 'At&t Internet 1000 MBPS' installs.






If your technician has other techs reporting to them, there are two ways they can receive override commissions for the installations which the techs under them complete. The first is to allow FastGem to automatically calculate a difference in pay. The tech who completes the install (the direct technician) will receive whatever commission is entered for them for that package and that number of receivers. Their Lead Tech's Pay as configured for that same package, minus the Direct Tech's pay, will be the Lead Tech's actual override commission.

The second way to specify override commissions for techs not on a pay plan is to do it from the Lead Tech's profile. In the Tech Commission section, choose an override option from the dropdown and enter the appropriate number. This is what the Lead Tech will receive when the technician under them completes an install. You can of course specify Providers for overrides, as well. (Note: You can also set these types of technician overrides in the lead tech's tech pay plan. For more information on configuring tech payplans, please see help article 'Adding/Assigning New Tech Payplans').


 Don't forget to click 'Save and Close' when finished!


For further questions regarding tech pay, please contact FastGem support at (504) 383-0602 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Thank you for using FastGem!